For online sales strategies to be effective, they must be developed based on planning. This process will serve as a guide for defining the actions to be developed by the sales team in order to achieve the desired results.

However, when setting up the planning, it is necessary to consider the organizational objectives and transform them into sales targets . Next, it is necessary to draw up an action plan that enables the achievement of the established goals.

During this process, strategies must be developed for all stages of the sale: prospecting, conquest, negotiation and loyalty. In this way, sellers can know how to approach the customer in each contact, making the sales cycle faster.

In addition, it is important to list the actions that must be implemented, indicating their respective deadlines and responsible parties. To monitor the performance of each one of them, it is worth defining the most appropriate metrics to analyze each process.


Now that you know how to make a sales plan, it’s time to get to know the online sales strategies that can serve as guidelines for the actions that will be implemented in your company. The first tip in this regard is cross selling.

This is a sales technique that focuses on offering the customer a product or service that complements what he has already purchased or is about to buy. In this way, it is possible to improve the consumer experience, which increases the chances of loyalty.

To properly utilize cross selling in your sales process, it’s crucial that you understand which products or services can add value to the item the customer is buying. In addition, it is necessary to define how this action can be put into practice.

A suggestion for cross selling is to present complementary products on sales pages with the message “take advantage and buy too”. It is also useful to run remarketing campaigns through ads or email after closing a purchase.


Mental triggers are persuasion techniques. Through them, it is possible to influence consumers to make decisions. Thus, they are very useful in online sales strategies, and can be applied to product pages, emails or paid advertisements.

Among the most used mental triggers in sales are:

  • scarcity : this trigger causes the feeling of loss, making the fear of being without a product or service lead the consumer to make the purchase;
  • social proof : as people tend to make decisions based on the opinion of others, then this trigger awakens the desire to have a certain item because someone indicated or demonstrated its benefits;
  • urgency : this trigger is associated with lack of time and it makes the consumer want to buy a product before the deadline to take advantage of an opportunity ends;
  • Reciprocity : This tactic gets people to give back what they get. It is widely used in offering free material in exchange for information that can be used in the sales funnel.


Content marketing is considered one of the most effective online sales strategies. This is because it can be used throughout the entire process, from attracting customers to building customer loyalty.

However, for this strategy to achieve the expected results, it is necessary to create content that is of interest to your audience. Also, it’s important to deliver them at the stage of the buying journey they’re in.

For example, when consumers know your brand, they usually do not have a definite purchase intention. So your goal should be to get his attention. This can be done through blogposts, social media publications and email marketing with explanatory content.

On the other hand, if the customer is ready to buy a product or service, you must offer information that makes him feel more confident in making a decision. Testimonials and product demonstrations could be interesting content for this purpose, for example.


It is used with the aim of increasing the visibility of a webpage in search engines — especially Google.

That way, you can generate more qualified and free traffic to your business website. Thus, the strategy can increase the chances of making more sales and help reduce the cost of acquiring customers. Therefore, it is necessary to apply SEO techniques correctly.

Among them, stand out:

  • URL optimization;
  • creation of responsive pages;
  • use of sitemap for Google;
  • insertion of internal and external links in the contents;
  • content creation with the best terms and keywords.


Paid ads are online sales strategies that can increase a brand’s visibility on search engines and social media. As a result, there are chances of speeding up the sales process.

However, for the money invested in them to give good results, it is essential to observe some points. Check it out:

  • use a compelling call to action (CTA) to drive the reader to action;
  • perform A/B tests to create online ads with high performance potential;
  • know and respect the advertising rules of each platform in order not to be punished;
  • be clear in your customer value proposition to grab their attention;
  • select keywords that your lead uses in search engines to be found by him.

With these 6 online sales strategies, it’s easier to know how you can increase your business revenue, right? Therefore, be sure to apply them in your company to seek better results.