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How to implement Data Science in Digital Marketing decision-making?

The use of Data Science brings a number of benefits, such as: real-time data analysis and campaign optimization. Increasingly, it goes hand in hand with Digital Marketing.
In an area as result-oriented as Marketing is, the use of Data Science in Digital Marketing has been seen as a differential for companies that want to stand out in the market. 

By providing a more assertive data analysis, Data Science brings valuable insights and answers to a business’s Marketing strategy. For example, it is able to answer questions like “What kind of content is my audience interested in?” or “What platforms does my audience use and is it better to invest?” .

To answer these and other questions, we prepared this article on Data Science and how it is used in Digital Marketing. Check out!

First, understand what data science is

The main objective of Data Science is to collect, store, process and analyze data to transform them into knowledge and important information for the business world. In this way, it is possible to make more assertive decisions and bring predictability to companies.

Therefore, Data Science has become something so important for companies in the most varied fields of activity.

What is the importance of Data Science in Digital Marketing?

According to the North American consulting firm, Gartner , approximately 75% of companies worldwide already invest in data analysis . In the case of Digital Marketing, investment in Data Science is important because, more and more, Marketing is gaining more space in companies.

Faced with a highly competitive market and this growth in the role of Marketing, it is natural that there is more demand for deliveries and positive results. With the use of Data Science, Digital Marketing analysts are able to use data to know their customers, adjust their strategies based on more detailed analysis of their actions and deliver better results .

Benefits of Data Science in Digital Marketing

The use of Data Science in Digital Marketing brings a number of advantages to the entire team. Below, we list five benefits:

  • Real-time data analysis;
  • Efficiency in the planning of strategies;
  • Increased customer retention;
  • Improvements in internal processes;
  • Campaign optimization.
Data analysis is fundamental in Digital Marketing to create assertive and impactful strategies.

Ways to apply Data Science in Digital Marketing

Now that you already know the benefits of Data Science in Digital Marketing, we have brought some examples of how it can be used in a professional’s daily life:

1. Market analysis

Get to know the market in which you are inserted in great detail, follow the movements of competitors and be able to predict some market trends from the analysis of the data collected.

2. Consumer analysis

Keep track of the population’s consumption habits and their changes over time, identify customer behavior based on their actions in their business channels and make the right decisions.

3. Strategy development

The data helps predict the next steps and the next digital market trends . In this way, the development of campaigns and the definition of strategies can be easier. In addition, the data brings new insights and optimizes the creation of strategies, since you have at hand the history of what has been working and what is not working so well.

4. Budget optimization

With the data collected and analyzed by Data Science, it is possible to identify in which channels the campaigns are having the best return on investment ( ROI ), thus avoiding waste and directing financial investments to the correct channels.

5. More efficient campaigns

By having access to important data, such as demographics and location, consumption habits and preferences of the target audience, it is possible to deliver more assertive and segmented campaigns. In addition, campaigns are optimized and take less time to launch each one.

6. Analysis of results

One of the advantages of Digital Marketing is the easy measurement of results, with Data Science this analysis is even more uncomplicated. When analyzing results with Data Science, you can identify new opportunities, predict trends, measure deliveries and the effectiveness of your actions.

7. Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is one of the four types of data analysis and seeks to answer the following question: “What will happen?” . To find an answer, predictive analytics considers human behavior, data, and repeating patterns.

In this way, the marketing team is able to find the best paths for its growth and predict certain behaviors in future actions.

How to implement Data Science in the company to boost Digital Marketing ?

First, the company needs to define what its objectives are and what it expects when making this investment from Data Science to Digital Marketing. In addition, the company also needs to define which data and which KPIs will be considered at this first moment.

Finally, a super important step is to invest in hiring a Data Scientist or invest in qualification courses so that the team can collect, analyze and use data strategically.

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