Is IT outsourcing worth it? Learn about this concept

In a context of a fully technological market, every day the demand for more experienced and qualified IT professionals increases . The big question arises on how to find these profiles in such a competitive market that needs speed to execute its demands. In this sense, IT outsourcing has been one of the most common practices by companies.

In addition to the practicality of finding more efficient teams quickly, there are other advantages such as cost reduction and quality itself. of work for the development of the stipulated strategies.

In this article, you will find the main details about this work and hiring model, a deeper understanding of its benefits and why you should invest in your company. Continue reading and find out!

What is IT Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is nothing more than outsourcing IT services. That is, it is the company hiring an outside team specialized in the subjects it needs , depending on the situation, it can even be the entire sector.

Performs activities such as management and support of the technology park, allowing the company’s internal team to focus on other matters, such as its core business (main business).

It is a trend in the current market, as it is a practice that relies on the help of specialized companies in the sector to carry out the work, which contributes to more efficiency in achieving results .

Therefore, it is a practice in which the contracting company does not really need to worry about the execution of tasks, but monitor what is being done by the partner.

How is IT Outsourcing applied in companies?

As already explained, IT outsourcing is the outsourcing of management and control of technology systems .

Outsourcing services has been a form of service that has been widely used in recent years, as it has been more cost-effective, in addition to increasing productivity. for the business.

For its application by corporations, normally there is a negotiation through the offer of a package of services by the outsourcing company (outsourced) and the monthly fixed payment of a fee, by the contracting company.

In this sense, functions normally chosen for this practice are:

  • Computer maintenance;
  • Technical support;
  • data center;
  • hosting and storage;
  • Networks and internet;
  • Hardware maintenance;
  • Management and updating of systems;
  • Systems maintenance and programming;
  • Information security.

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

When we think of IT outsourcing several benefits come to the fore. Check out the main ones:

Best value for money

By relying on a specialized, trained and up-to-date IT sector, there are more chances of results being achieved.

And as investing in new employees can cost much more than expected, hiring a team from outside allows you to better control costs in the area and have greater clarity as to the destination of the investment being made.

More agility to resolve claims

As you have professionals who are more qualified and ready to execute, problem solving becomes easier and faster.

Monitoring and availability

We know that managing the entire IT sector can be a complex job and, above all, that it takes a lot of time to carry out.

And the monitoring of activities in the area is one of the concerns that compromises time and causes several employees to decline tasks that could provide internal and external advances for the company.

With outsourcing this is avoided and improved.

Reduce operational errors

Having professionals with more expertise in the area reduces the tendency for errors and other operational risks .

In addition to that, if they happen, they are also easier to detect and resolve, reducing the occurrence of problems that could harm your operation.


Hiring this team from outside allows a standardization of work, which contributes to more agility and efficiency.

Think about it, if parts and equipment are standardized, they offer more assertive maintenance, as well as preventing incompatibilities between hardware and software or any systems integration.

data security

One of the biggest focuses in any management, with IT outsourcing this is even more evident, because in addition to monitoring activities, a qualified professional provider can make your company’s computer system more secure, protecting data and preventing attacks cybercriminals or who compromise cybersecurity.

Increased efficiency

Complementing everything that has already been said, better professionals with more specializations tend to bring more efficiency to any job.

Examples of IT Outsourcing

Within this practice of outsourcing services, there are some models that serve as examples of its execution.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

This model is focused on providing customers with IT equipment suited to their reality, without the need to make large investments.

That is, it has a proposal to guarantee a package with the installation of machines, configurations, technical support and maintenance.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Here we are talking about a company that subscribes to access the software it needs.

Do you know the Office Package that you use so much? It is a SaaS model , just as there are other tools, such as CRM and Marketing in other companies.

Desktop as a Service (DTaaS)

Imagine having a virtual desktop that can be accessed from multiple devices through a protected environment?

DTaaS allows this in order to make all the services you need available in a cloud. Accessibility and flexibility are its greatest features.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

This already has a more complete solution, as it delivers equipment and services to a customer in a personalized way .

That is, you hire a solution that involves computers and tablets, with all the necessary programs, for a monthly installment.

Workplace as a Service (WaaS)

This model is based on the need to ensure flexible access to work environments, regardless of the equipment used or geographic location.

PC as a Service (PCaaS)

Finally, there is this model known for the deliverability of a technology park.

That is, with it, the customer now has desktops, notebooks, tablets and other state-of-the-art devices ready for work, in addition to updated software ready for use.

Everything so that you solve your problems , execute your processes and find the best possible solutions.

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